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 SYT-080 (7.5kw) specifically for the Chinese power grid does not match with the servo motor system, and the development of electronic servo transformer, this product has changed the traditional bulky bulky coil transformers, heat, power, installation difficult problem. 

Industrial motion control system to solve the power problem problems the best products, and traditional transformer has essentially different.

Electronic Transformer uses the most advanced technology of three-phase full-bridge switching resonant, SPWM modulation, power module, so it less heat, basically without radiators, low energy consumption, completely eliminate EMI interference. Internal as well as electromagnetic filter regulator features and a variety of circuit protection, short circuit, over current, over voltage protection. When a transformer fails to prevent, protect against damage to the servo drive.

Electronic servo transformer is small and easy installation can be installed in any suspension, fully sealed, waterproof, anti-oil. Output voltage is stable and reliable performance, but also not affected by voltage fluctuations, so that the servo motor to play better performance, this type of any transformer irreplaceable advantages.

Product parameters:
Input voltage: Three-phase four-wire system AC380 ~ 420V
Output voltage: Three-phase three-wire system AC200 ~ 220V
Output Current: 2 times rated current
Current Mode: Dynamic Tracking
Voltage Frequency: 50-60Hz
Current waveforms: Sine
Current drive form: SPWM
Voltage regulation Load regulation: 0.1%
Output Voltage Efficiency: 99.5%
Source voltage Response time: <1.5us
Interference class: F insulation level

Often with servo motors:
Yaskawa YASKAWA, Mitsubishi MITSUISHI, Hitachi HITACHI, FUJI FUJI, Panasonic PANASONIC, SANYO SANYO, Delta DELTA, TECO IECO, Schneider SCHNEIDE, Omron OMRON, LTi LUST, Bryant KEB, ABB servo ROCKWELL wide number of Huazhong,, sinks Sichuan, Xinje, transport control, Sen Chong, Dench and all other domestic servo drives.

CNC machine tools, testing machines, winding machines, teaching machines, packaging machinery, CNC machining centers, robots, printing machinery, textile equipment, automated production lines, woodworking machinery, plastic machine, more than twenty automation equipment industry.

Installation size :( length X width X height 140X95X45mm)

The basic wiring diagram:

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